Azakhana Pando Street


Introduction of 9 muharram
Introduction of Jaloos e Zuljinah 9 Muharram

Jaloos e Zuljinah 9 Muharram taken out from the Azakhana Pando Street Islampura Krishan Nagar Lahore since 1949. The first Licence will be issued by the Govt. of Pakistan for this Procession in 1950 This procession is on the momorable tragedy of Ashura was held in Karbala on October 10, 680 AD 10th of Muharram 61 AH. The event took place after the demand of outh by Yazid (May Allah Curse him) from Imam Hussain (May Allah peace be upon him). Yazid (May Allah Curse him) was the king of Syria and want to become the Khalifa of all Muslims. But Imam Hussain (May Allah peace be upon him) refuse his demand of outh. Yazid send a huge army from Syria and Iraq for killed him. Imam Hussain (May Allah peace be upon him) was martyered in Karbala with his family members and friends total numbers of 72 by the army of Yazids. After that Yazid's army arrest the children and women and only son of Imam who was left after the battle because of his illness.

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